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I’ve gotten a bit follow-happy in my tumblr life. Currently I’m following about 275 tumblogs and while they all offer something special, I definitely have a top ten of sorts that make me a little giddy when they pop up in my dashboard. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share :)

1. The Clearly Dope - continuously amusing. This is the creme de la creme of the internet’s most bizarre and hilarious tidbits wrapped in a puff pastry of delightful sarcasm.

2. Suri’s Burn Book - Blair Waldorf is real, a toddler and the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This is her diary.

3. Brown Dress with White Dots - My aesthetic spirit animal.

4. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend - pictures of hot dudes from the 1800’s.

5. Emphasis Added - delightful insight into Chicago food and style. She also shares my undying love for musicals and the Chicago Theatre scene.

6. Fancy is my Middle Name - This woman can turn just about anything into a poetic and moving smorgasbord of delight.

7. Ornamented Being - most accurately described as historical costume porn. If you find yourself scrolling the internet for pictures of bustles and edwardian day dresses, this is a must-read.

8. Tragedy Series - Just. Sheer. Brilliance.  

9. Time/Time Light Box - Pictures from current assignments and the Time archives.

10. Digitalista - Great insights into digital marketing and community building for brands

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